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Patient Testimonials

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Dear Bill,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I have been doing well and my children are growing fast as I am sure that yours are too.

Since I had the dental work, my self-confidence has improved. I am pleased with the results. Prior to this, I was always self-conscious when it came to displaying my teeth. Now, I am relaxed when I smile. As a professional, I interact with clients on a daily basis and it is important that I feel at ease when showing my teeth in bright lights or daylight settings. I feel that a dazzling smile is an influential first impression and exudes a certain sense of self-assurance.

Thanks for adding to my possibilities,
Lydia S

Dear Bill,

For the first time in my life I have a beautiful smile. After falling and damaging my front teeth when I was young, I was always embarrassed to smile. I had several procedures done by other dentists who claimed they could repair the damage but my teeth never looked natural. Dr. Wynne, with the help of his highly skilled and caring staff, gave me the beautiful smile they promised. My family and I are now regular patients and have full confidence in Dr. Wynne and his staff. My only regret is not visiting Dr. Wynne's practice sooner.

Jackie T



I work in the world of real estate. Everyday person-to-person contact is the essence of my business. Having a smile I like has been essential to the success I have attained.

Dr. Wynne rebuilt my mouth 34 years ago when I graduated from UNC. All the restorations were working well however, I knew brighter teeth were possible. Dr. Wynne described to me what the possibilities were with the new porcelain systems. Along with his world-class technician- artist John Wilson, he was able to make my smile the best.

What a great was to jump start your self-esteem and simply feel better about life. If you would like to jump-start your future see Dr. Wynne now about the power of a smile.

Dick G


The thing I love most about my new smile is that it gives me the confidence to offer compliments and to say kind things to people (with a smile of course)! Maybe my smile will help brighten someone else’s day.

Susan P






Getting my veneers was a life enhancing procedure, as well as one of the best investments that I’ve made. Not only has it boosted my self-assurance, but if has enabled me to smile with confidence. I feel better about myself, and it carries through into my everyday activities and successes.

Ashley B






Dear Dr. Wynne,

I just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying my new smile and how glad I am that I came to you to do my work. I was always pleased with my original teeth, but over the years they had become worn and stained- plus previous dental work really needed replacing. I knew that it was time for a “mouth makeover”.

After consulting with my dentist in Houston, I began the process and had the upper veneers put in…. and that’s when I realized that I should have gone to a specialist. I hated the new teeth and my only choice was to have them replaced.

Luckily I knew about your practice when I lived in Raleigh. Though it would require traveling back and forth from Houston, I hoped that you could help me. Right from the start, you and your staff of professionals made me feel so welcome. You explained what needed to be done and also really listened to what I wanted as well. I could go on, but what really matters is I love my new smile. My new teeth look completely natural, the color and craftsmanship are perfect and my bite is great. My new smile is all that I had hoped for and worth coming to Raleigh to see you.

Now when I look at my new smile, not only do I see beautiful results, I will always remember what a pleasure it was being your patient. Thank you, Dr. Wynne.

Phil N


Dear Dr. Wynne:

I want to say “Thank You” to you and your staff for taking care of my dental needs over the years. I think I have a bit more problems than the average person, but you managed to keep me going and certainly keep me eating.

Everything you have been done for me has been virtually with no complications. I am really glad that I was referred to your office and look forward to having you take care of me for years to come.

Thanks again for all you do!

Andy O