3 Keys to Optimal Oral Health

Dentistry has always kept you safe, and always will. In this time of crisis, your dentist will remain focused on your overall health and well-being. Consider these keys to finding comfort:

  1. Protective Equipment to Keep You Safe
  2. Avoid Pain and Complications
  3. Maximize Your Oral Health Care and Minimize Your Time at the Dentist

Ask These Questions the Next Time You Talk to a Dental Team Member:

Question 1:

How important is maintaining my oral health?

The health of your teeth and mouth are integral to your overall physiology and well-being. From a clinical perspective, early treatment is always best. Putting off discomfort with a tooth, or any concern about your oral health, is more time-consuming and costly in the long run.

Question 2:

What safety measures are in place in the dental practice?

In addition to the strict guidelines we have always followed in operatories, we are paying close attention to office areas where social distancing is essential, like reception areas, administrative counters and restrooms, which are closely monitored and disinfected throughout the day.

From the regular hygiene appointments you missed during the shutdowns, to more complex procedures that have you a bit concerned, we have your back — because we are all part of the same effort to keep our communities healthy.

Examples of safety equipment enhancements:

  • Minimized aerosols
  • Face shields
  • Top-of-the-line masks (N-95)

Question 3:

How do I minimize my time at the dentist but maximize my oral health?

To minimize your time at the dentist you want to work with your dental team to understand how you can group parts of your treatment together so that you can spend less time in the dental chair yet maximize the benefits of treatment. Doing this will minimize the trips to and from the office as well as the amount of time you spend in the chair. Ask your dental team how.

Question 4:

Can you make this affordable for me?

Your dental team is prepared to provide you with options for consolidating treatment into as few visits as possible, in addition to financial arrangements that you’re comfortable with. Just ask them how they can help!

Question 5:

I fall in the COVID-19 at-risk category. How do you make sure I am safe and healthy?

If you’re 65 or older, or suffer from pre-existing conditions, it’s crucial to limit your exposure – so we recommend working with your dental team to address treatment in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

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